The Icelandic horse is a fascinating animal, here is why

Iceland Horse


Why the Icelandic Horse is Unique

The Icelandic horse is a unique breed of horse that has lived in Iceland in isolation for Millennia. Norse settlers, who moved to the island in the 9th and 10th century, brought the horses with them. The breed is also known as the Viking horse. This breed has developed in this island in isolation.

The breed is treated as a special breed by horse experts all over the world. The breed is very sturdy and does not get sick easily. This is probably due to natural selection after living on the island’s harsh climate for many years.

Different and Unique

The horse is strong and sturdy. Even though it is small in physique and is considered by breeders to be within the pony size range, it is still referred to as a horse. It is muscular and strong and can carry heavy loads. It is still used by Icelanders to carry heavy loads and to help out in doing farm work.

The breed is unique, not only for its small stature, but also how it looks. It is small and has very muscular shoulders. It has a distinct mane that is very full. It is also known for its wide range of colors. The colors also vary in patterns. It is for this reason, it is considered to be one of the most unique.

Volcanic Catastrophe

The breed was almost wiped out in the volcanic catastrophic event, which happened in the south of Iceland in the 18th century. After this event, the breed was protected. The government does not allow the importation of horses. All horses that leave the country must never be brought back.

One of the main traditional uses of this horse over the years has been to help in farm work. The horses are specifically used by the many sparsely populated villages to round up sheep and livestock. This is a custom that started many years ago.

This tradition started when Icelanders wanted to protect the grass bordering villages from being eaten by the sheep. The grass was preserved for the hay harvest. This is a tradition that is still observed to date.

Tourists Sites and the Importance of the Icelandic Horse

Because the horse is known for its sturdiness, it is perfect for riding around the Iceland terrain. Parts of Iceland are not great for driving. The gravel on the road makes you to ride very slowly. If you are in a mountainous region, you have to observe this otherwise you will cause accidents.

The Iceland horse is perfect for rocky terrain. It is often used to tour some parts of this island, because a car will take too long and may never get to some sites. Other means of transport are not viable either. So many tourists like to use the horse to get to some of these locations.

There are many horse riding tours you can take. They are designed according to difficulty levels and you can take the tour, even though you may not be adept at riding the horse. There are several interesting locations, where a horse would be ideal.

Touring the Mt. Helgafell volcano, Lake Hvaleyrarvatn and crossing rivers is best done by these horses. Some of the most breathtaking views are best seen after crossing the lava fields and these horses are the best way to cross those fields. The horses are mild tempered and strong.


All About Iceland: Interesting Facts about Iceland

Summary: There are many interesting things you could learn about Iceland. It is unique in many ways from its culture, to politics.

All interesting facts about Iceland, from politics, to wildlife

If you have never been to Iceland, there are many things you might not know about this Scandinavian Island. From its history and culture that goes back 1000 years, to the beauty of its geological features. There are many things to see here and this is one place you cannot afford to ignore, if you love nature, culture, and breath taking tourist sites.

The country was the last European country to be taken over by the Norsemen in 9th and 10th century. The Norsemen arrived there to find an almost deserted island. Scientific evidence shows that it was previously inhabited by people, who later moved for unknown reasons.

Politics in Iceland

The country has the world oldest parliamentary assembly. The current parliamentary order was reestablished in 1845, after it was suspended in 1799. The original assembly was founded in 930 AD; as a result the country is referred to as the world’s oldest parliamentary democracy.

The country’s political system is recognized as the world’s first in women inclusion. It was the first country in the world to have a political party meant for women and women issues. The party was dissolved in 1999, after it merged with Social Democratic Alliance. It changed the political landscape in favor of women inclusion and there is a 40% quota for women in the public service.

Warmer Climate

One interesting facts about Iceland that surprises some people is that the country is warmer than most countries on the same latitude. It is significantly warmer than Alaska Peninsula. The North Atlantic Current is a warm current that keeps the place warm all year round. The warmest seasons are between May and October. The highest temperatures are between 49 °F in May and the highest is normally 56°F in July.

The national language is Icelandic, which is a unique language. Icelandic is unique because it is the western most Indo-European language before America was established. It still retains a high level of declension and inflection only found in German language. Most Icelanders are proud of the fact that they still speak the language of the Vikings.

The country does not have polar bears, although they visit the island from time to time. The country has fewer animal species, compared to other parts of the world. There are no amphibians or native species of other animals, as you may find in other parts of the world.


Viking Horses

However, there are many types of animals that were brought into the island when the Europeans were settling there one thousand years ago. One of this is the Icelandic Horse, which is also referred to as the Viking horse.

Viking horses have been in this country for one thousand years. When the Vikings got onto the island, they brought their horses with them. These horses have been isolated from the rest of the world for many years. The government of Iceland recognizes these horses and it does not allow the importation of horses. The breed is recognized the world over, for its sturdiness and beauty; they come in a wide range of colors.

There are many different things you could do in Iceland, from horse riding, to site seeing. The country has a culture, which many citizens are proud of.


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Visiting a Convention By Yourself? Tips for finding smart and classy VIP Escorts for VIP events

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